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When your home has suffered from water damage in McHenry, you can feel completely devastated. But that’s when you need to act fast, so Cleaning Consultants & Restoration is here to help. With over 20 years of experience with water mitigation and flood restoration in McHenry, you can trust our professionals to get you through this difficult time.
Our team is more than just a group of experts with water damage restoration in McHenry. We are highly trained technicians that are always prepared to help with 24-hour emergency flood removal services. Plus, we have the expertise to work in conjunction with insurance companies, property management companies, and associations, to make the process as easy as possible for you.
As a full-service home disaster relief specialist, our team can act quickly for flood restoration in McHenry, along with fire and smoke restoration, mold remediation, and general construction. When you need help to get through any of these disasters, we’ll take action right away. Call Cleaning Consultants & Restoration for immediate service and we’ll help you put that horrible mess behind you. Let’s get your home back to normal for a clean, healthy, and refreshed living space with our expertise in water restoration in McHenry.

The entire water damage restoration process involves:

Damage Inspections
Removal of Contents and Cleaning
Stabilization of Property
Drying and Property Water Damage Restoration for Properties
Soot and Smoke Damage Restoration
Exhaustive Cleaning and Disinfection
Final Restoration

CCR Water Damage Restoration Service McHenry
We guarantee:

Common Causes of Water Damage and Water Infiltration:

Leaks in foundation
Failure of sump pump
Frozen pipes Flooding
Fire suppression
Leaks in roof
Ruptured pipes
Leaks in window wells
Toilet overflow
Refrigerator line ruptures
Storm damage
Water trapped inside walls and cabinetry
Frozen gutter downspouts


CCR Fire & Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration in McHenry

We understand that when you experience water damage in McHenry, flood cleanup is extremely time-sensitive. No matter how much water has invaded your home or business, it can be difficult to find your starting point for water extraction. Our team of experts with flood restoration in McHenry has helped hundreds of Illinois property owners, including commercial businesses, to quickly and effectively bring sense and order back after serious water damage as a result of flooding, storms, sewer backups, burst pipes, and other devastating occurrences. The faster our water restoration in McHenry can proceed with handling your property’s water damage, the easier it will be to fully restore the space, including your floors, carpets, drywall, and personal belongings back to normal.

At Cleaning Consultants and Restoration, we use the most up-to-date tools and reliable techniques for complete water extraction in McHenry, along with the industry-standard equipment for dehumidification to ensure drying as soon as possible for the space and for your possessions. Plus, where we detect mold on your property, we will handle the problem as part of your complete flood restoration in McHenry. All of our specialists with water restoration in McHenry are fully certified by the Indoor Air Quality Council (IAQC) and have all the experience needed to provide effective water removal and repairs, including mold remediation techniques. If you have a water penetration problem in your home or business, contact the experts in flood restoration in McHenry right away.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in McHenry

You may require an emergency dry-out to begin taking care of your water damage in McHenry that resulted from a flood, leak, sewage backup, or any other water disaster. Whatever the issue might be, our team is prepared to handle your water removal and drying the space at home or at the office. We have certified professionals ready to provide your water restoration in McHenry and who are completely dedicated to restoring your property and everything in it back to its original condition. Our water damage restoration in McHenry includes:

  • Water extraction
  • Complete structural drying
  • Sewer backup cleanup
  • Dehumidification
  • Mold remediation
  • Carpet, upholstery, and area rug cleaning
  • Document dry out
  • Electronics restoration

Fire Restoration Services

Fire restoration requires more than simply repairing and restoring damage as a result of fire, smoke, and corrosive fire-retardant materials. A significant part of the process includes water damage restoration in McHenry. Our professionals can remove corrosion from every surface and all furnishings that was caused by soot and other materials. Even the smoke odors can be removed.

We Provide Expert Mold Remediation,
Mold Removal, and Mold Abatement in McHenry

When it comes to doing flood cleanup tasks in your home or commercial property, we’re your best option among water restoration companies in McHenry. We are experienced in the mold remediation, removal, and abatement processes; which consists of removing damaged components – such as drywalls and flooring- out of the rooms after a flooding event and subsequently salvaging them through reconstruction, following current mold-resistant practices. We also take care on the removal of damaged items to clean and sanitize them up properly in order to eliminate any presence of mold and prevent its return, thus ensuring that your home or business are free of any mold-related hazards to the extent of becoming a healthy environment once again.

Construction – Complete Final Restoration
After Damage Cleanup

As part of the final stage of our water damage restoration process, we call a McHenry-based professional repair contractor and your insurance company in order to establish an agreement for a complete restoration work to get your home or business back to its pre-flooding conditions without the need of you putting in a dime. The aforementioned tasks contemplate the following: complete rebuild of damaged structural elements, remodeling, painting, and installation of new drywall, flooring, or carpeting.

GALLERY - Water Damage in Residential and Commercial Properties

If you are in the need of a fire and water
damage restoration our emergency services at McHenry will be your best option

Our residential and commercial services include:

  • Water damage and flood restoration
  • Construction and Repairs
  • Fire and smoke damage recovery
  • Deep Mold Cleaning
  • Several restoration services
  • Cleanup services

Emergency Restoration for your home or business
Our specialists are licensed and assured repairs. They will make sure you feel supported during your emergency. We will recover your personal belongings efficiently and securely. And we will work more directly with the insurance agent or third party administrator to make sure you get back to your normal routine quickly and efficiently.

Trust our disaster and emergency services
When your property suffered water damage, it might not be so clear when or how to restore the flood. That’s why you will need the help of our experts. Call us urgently if you need emergency and disaster relief.You can count with us at any hour of the day, we will be available. A fire or smoke damage can be very dangerous if you don’t act right away, let us know so we are at your location as soon as you let us know. We are the right answer to help you feel safe at your home or business.

In response to catastrophic fire, flooding and other devastating disasters, we have helped many residents and business owners with all sorts of property restoration. Contact our specialists for assistance in restoring your property from water floods, cleaning facilities, or any emergency.

We will make it easier for you, we will take care of working with your insure company at McHenry.

We understand how important an effective and smooth partnership with your insurance firm is, especially when you have sustained damages such as fire, wind, storm or water. Before you start your water damage reconstruction at McHenry, you will need quick, correct quotations and detailed description about your current damage. Our office is here to assist you and closely cooperate with your insurance brokers, adjusters and third party managers. We would make sure your property is at the top of their priority list and is not behind. We know it can be a difficult and exhausting journey to recover from such a tragedy, however you can rely on us, so that your property can be cleaned up as soon as possible. Our expertise with working with insurance agencies ensures that you have the correct policy to have your home or company fully restored at the right time.
Flood restoration and water extraction may be a frustrating task to solve at McHenry but our work is to make this process the easiest way for you.We will meet any needs you might have to complete this task. This means restoring any damage to your water, flames, and property.

Why is it so important to repair water damage right away?
Any kind of water damage your home or company has sustained, it’s critical to begin the cleaning process as soon as possible. As experienced water damage repair consultants in McHenry, we understand that the first 24 to 48 hours are crucial in the restoration process, and this is industry consensus. If you wait any longer, the chance of harmful bacteria and mold growth increases. Furthermore, if your property and its contents can be dried and treated efficiently, the structural integrity of your property and its contents can be preserved more easily. The longer you wait to hire professionals to help with storm cleanup and water restoration, the worst it will be.
Our accredited technicians can perform any aspect of your water damage rehabilitation in McHenry, including fire or water damage recovery, mold remediation, and reconstruction of the entire damaged room to restore it to its original design and design, if not better. And, to make it even better for you through this difficult period, we will work with the insurance provider to ensure you get 100 percent of the compensation you deserve, allowing you to completely restore your home with no out-of-pocket costs. As soon as possible, contact our McHenry flood restoration experts to discuss your needs.

Frequently asked questions about water damage restoration

Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance refers me to?

Although your insurance company may make a suggestion as to which water damage restoration company you can use to restore your spaces, you can decide to take it or you can look for other more feasible options.

Is it safe to enter my property after a fire?

Our recommendation is that you desist from any attempt to enter your infrastructure after a fire due to the dangers that it may represent to your physical integrity and health.

Can the smell of smoke be removed?

Without any problem. After removing all the soil from your property, as well as your personal belongings, we will proceed to deodorize them to permanently remove the smell of smoke and thus, you can resume your lifestyle.


Water damage may occur due to a variety of factors, including storms, overflowing tubs, washing machines, and defective water heaters. Flooding and water damage  in your property may be stressful and frightening, so hiring a professional firm with knowledge and equipment to deal with floods and water damage is critical. Although it may appear that you can accomplish this yourself, you will need the expertise of specialists to properly restore your structure or property. Our McHenry crew would start removing the water right away, preventing unnecessary harm. The drying process may begin after the initial stage of draining the water with sophisticated vacuums, and our expert specialists will restore any materials, possessions, and furnishings they can. To avoid the formation of mildew and mold, it is necessary to clean and sanitize. It’s critical to hire qualified specialists for this task if you want to maintain your building safe and clean in the future. We are a flood repair business that provides top-notch service at a reasonable cost.
Our helpful team is available to assist you with just about any water crisis, and you can count on us to provide the best specialists and cleaning solutions in the region. Call the McHenry water restoration specialists now!

Follow our easy water restoration process

First, here’s our contact information in Case of Emergency
Your first step is to call us. When we get your call, one of our consultants will go over the information and see if we can help you get the best support to quickly and efficiently rehabilitate your flood in McHenry as soon as possible. This is a vital step in seeing what we can predict.

Water Damage Inspection and Evaluation
Our technicians inspect your entire property carefully to find out the extent of the harm and all damaged areas. This inspection will allow us to draw up a thorough action plan to start the water treatment process in McHenry

Water removal and cleaning
We can clear hundreds and thousands of gallons of water with our strong pumps and vacuums when we start water removal. This method should start to mitigate structural damage and avoid mold growth as soon as possible.

Dehumidifying and drying
When we remove the majority of the apparent floodwaters from the property, we start working on the most difficult to see and to view extremely advanced equipment. A uninvasive science drying technique is used to obtain the residual water reduction in your McHenry house, which will draw moisture to all areas. Air movers and dehumidifiers will handle this procedure.

Sanitizing and cleaning
Not only does the water damage impact the house. All things, including furnishings, garments and other personal belongings, may be destroyed in the house. With aid in the purification of any restored items using certain very advanced methods, our water clearing system includes. This kind of water treatments will include our sanitation and antimicrobial procedures, as well as odor removal using industrial air scrubbers and fogger systems.

The final step in the process is to restore your flux to its initial state so the water damage can be repaired. This water rehabilitation phase can require small modifications in your property, such as the replacement of drywall panels, and if the property rooms have been entirely restored they may undergo some significant rebuilding.


CCR Water Damage Restoration Services

As a result of the last storm, my house suffered a water damage ceiling to the point that some rooms were flooded and the electrical system was partially affected. Thank God their water restoration team managed to solve it in time!

Heather Drucker

With the last flood in McHenry, I thought I was not going to get my most valuable belongings back. Thanks to their flood restoration crew, not only was my house saved, it also was possible to save my belongings!

Erica Melton

I called their flood cleanup team after finding the house completely flooded and luckily they were able to restore everything through a completely professional and efficient service. Thumbs up for them!

Catharine Hickey

Our home suffered significant fire damage. We got in touch with your  fire restoration crew who treated our home with the best care possible.

Robert Ferguson

The basement of our house suffered water damage as a result of a pipe leakage. If it hadn't been for these McHenry experts, we would have lost much of our family heritage.

Kirk Brock

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