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Avoid the stress of water, fire and mold damage removal with our professional restoration services
Water Damage Restoration
Fire Damage Restoration
Mold Removal
Anthony LynchAnthony Lynch
20:26 08 May 23
These guys are the nicest and most professional group of people I have ever dealt with. I called them up to help me clean up from a flood in my house. They went out of their way to ensure the job was done right and even called me a couple of days later after they were finished to ensure that everything was ok
Christopher BurkeChristopher Burke
16:40 03 May 23
I'm so impressed with the professionalism, quality of work, and attention to detail that they provided. They made water damage restoration a lot less stressful and took care of all the headaches associated with damage from water and mold. I highly recommend them.
Anthony HarbinAnthony Harbin
10:30 25 Mar 23
I had the opportunity to use the services of a flood damage removal company when water flooded my basement. I recommend their services. After their visit, my basement was completely cleaned and dry. They were friendly and very helpful.
Robert McKoyRobert McKoy
13:48 17 Feb 23
It was such a blessing to have your company do water damage restoration. I honestly didn’t know where to start with the water removal before you came in so quickly and professionally did everything that was needed, I am very grateful. Thanks again.!!
Kira MorrisKira Morris
19:49 13 Jan 23
thank you for help and for quick response when we needed specilists. All the best
A Google User
A Google User
19:49 13 Jan 23
thank you for help and for quick response when we needed specilists. All the best
Mark PrueMark Prue
14:44 19 Dec 22
I can count on this company for any kind of mold removal work. They have worked hard for years and have earned my respect. I would recommend this business to anyone.
Cathy O'ConnorCathy O'Connor
14:05 02 Nov 22
I had a lot of fun with them. I needed to complete the flooring installation in my new home. They did it for a very fair price. Additionally, their work was of excellent quality.
kelli jellisonkelli jellison
04:26 09 Feb 22
When it comes to water damage, these guys are great. They gave me a decent estimate and completed the work professionally, and on time. I can recommend them as best in Bartlett
Steven ShephardSteven Shephard
22:04 08 Mar 21
The flood cleanup part went smooth but during the water damage restoration there was extensive problems that kept coming up with my ceiling, but your guys handled the job well and now my home is back in great shape.

Water Damage Restoration Services In Bartlett & Suburbs

Flood cleanup - Fire damage restoration - Mold Remediation

When you have suffered from water damage, it can be a devastating feeling. But that’s the time to act fast, which is why Cleaning Consultants & Water Damage Restoration Bartlett is here for you. With over 20 years in the water removal and flood restoration business, you can count on our expertise to get you through this difficult moment.

We are more than just experts with water damage restoration because our highly trained and experienced technicians are always ready to help with 24-hour emergency flood cleanup services. Plus, we have extensive experience in working alongside insurance companies, property management companies, and associations.

As a full-service disaster relief service, our team can act fast for flood restoration, as well as fire and smoke restoration, mold remediation, and general construction. When you need help after any of these disasters, take action as soon as possible. Call Cleaning Consultants & Restoration for immediate service to put the horrible mess behind you. We’ll get things back to normal for a clean, healthy, and renewed living space.

CCR Water Damage Restoration Services
We guarantee:

Common Causes of Water Damage and Water Infiltration:

Leaks in foundation
Failure of sump pump
Frozen pipes Flooding
Fire suppression
Leaks in roof
Ruptured pipes
Leaks in window wells
Toilet overflow
Refrigerator line ruptures
Storm damage
Water trapped inside walls and cabinetry
Frozen gutter downspouts


CCR Fire & Water Damage Restoration Bartlett

Water Damage Restoration Barlett

We realize that when you have water damage, water damage restoration Bartlett is an extremely time-sensitive endeavor. Regardless of how much water has flooded your home or business, we know that it can be difficult to find the right place to start. Our team of specialists with flood restoration has helped hundreds of Illinois homeowners and commercial businesses to quickly and effectively bring their properties back to life after extensive water damage that had arisen as a result of flooding, storms, sewer backups, burst pipes, and other devastating events. The faster our experts with water restoration can get to your property after you’ve experienced water damage, the easier it will be to restore your floors, carpets, drywall, and personal items back to their original condition.

We use the latest equipment and trusted techniques for water extraction, along with the industry standard in dehumidification tools to ensure a quick dry of space and your belongings. And, where mold is detected on your property, we can deal with that too as part of your flood restoration. All of our water restoration specialists are certified by the Indoor Air Quality Council (IAQC) and bring with them the experience needed to offer effective repair from water damage, as well as mold remediation techniques. If you’ve identified water penetration into your home or business, consult with our experts in flood restoration immediately.

Professional Services for Water Damage Restoration

You may need an emergency dry-out to help with water damage due to a flood, leak, sewage backup, or some other form of water disaster. Whatever the issue is, we can take care of drying your space, at home or at the office. We have certified professionals with flood restoration who are fully dedicated to restoring your property and your possessions back to their original state. Our water damage restoration services include:

  • Water extraction
  • Total structural drying
  • Sewer backup cleanup
  • Dehumidification
  • Mold remediation
  • Carpet, upholstery, and area rug cleaning
  • Document dry out
  • Electronics restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Barlett

is more than just the process that repairs and restores damage caused by fire, smoke, and corrosive fire-retardant materials. Water damage restoration is a major part of this process. We can remove corrosion from all surfaces and furnishings that were caused by soot and other materials, along with smoke odors.

We Provide Expert Mold Remediation,
Mold Removal and Mold Abatement Barlett

We offer all kinds of mold removal assistance for residential and commercial properties. Mold remediation, removal, or abatement are processes through which a space, be it in the home or the office, along with items damaged within it are expertly cleaned and sanitized. This process kills existing mold, stops its spread, and prevents its return. Mold abatement may also include the water removal from materials that may have been drenched, like drywall or flooring, and reconstructing them using the latest in mold-resistant practices. Mold cleanup is a critical step in the process to ensure your home or business is a safe and healthy environment after a terrible flooding event.

Construction – Complete Final Restoration
After Damage Cleanup

The final stage of the fire or water damage restoration is a process that involves professional repair work to get your home or commercial space back to its original form.  This includes a full rebuild of damaged structural elements, remodeling, painting, and the installation of new drywall, flooring, or carpeting.  This is a FULL reconstruction service to eliminate all damage caused by the event, as we collaborate with your insurance company to get 100% coverage.

GALLERY - Water Damage Restoration in Residential
and Commercial Properties


Our professional residential and commercial property restoration services include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Mold Damage Restoration
  • Cleanup Services
  • Specialty Restoration Services
  • Construction

Home & Business Emergency Restoration
Our team of licensed and insured flood restoration specialists can be there to help you with a complete water cleanup. We will effectively and safely restore your personal possessions. And we can work closely with your insurance representative or third-party administrator to ensure a fast and efficient road back to a full restoration back to normal.

Emergency and Disaster Services
After your property is struck with water damage, knowing where or how to begin the flood restoration may not be so obvious. When you need emergency and disaster assistance, call us immediately. We are available at any hour of the day. We’ll be there for your home after a fire or smoke damage, and we’ll be there for your business when it has suffered from water damage. Our flood restoration experts are here for your quick and efficient recovery.

We have assisted many homeowners and commercial business owners with all kinds of restoration of property and belongings after damage as a result of devastating fires, floods, and other devastating events. Contact our experts when you need help with water damage restoration, cleanup services, and more.

We Work with Your Insurance for Fire and Water Damage Restoration

We understand the importance of a seamless and efficient relationship with your insurance company, especially when you have suffered from fire, wind, storm or water damage. You need fast, accurate quotes and detailed information before you can start your water damage restoration. Our team is here for you as we work directly with insurance agents, adjusters, and third-party administrators that may get involved in the process. We realize that recovering from such a disaster can be a complex and stressful process, but you can count on us to get you the flood cleanup you need to get back to living your life as soon as possible. Our experience in collaborating with insurance companies can ensure that you receive the right coverage you are entitled to for complete water restoration for your home or business.

Why immediate Water Damage Restoration is so critical?

No matter what kind of water damage your home or business has been subjected to, it’s important to start the full cleanup process as soon as possible. As professional water damage restoration experts, we know that the first 24 to 48 hours is the critical moment in the process. The longer it takes for you to call in the experts for flood cleanup and water restoration, the greater the damage may be and the more time it will take to get your space back in order.

Our certified technicians can handle everything needed for your water damage restoration, including fire or water damage removal, mold remediation, and finally, we reconstruct the entire affected space to recreate the same functionality and style you had previously, or make it even better. And to make it even easier on you during this stressful time, we can collaborate with your insurance company to ensure you receive 100% of the coverage you expect so that we can fully rebuild your property at no out-of-pocket expense. Contact our specialists with flood restoration to discuss your needs as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about water damage restoration

Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance refers me to?

Not necessarily. You have the right to choose whichever restoration company you want to use for work on your property, regardless of the recommendation made by your insurance company in question.

Is it safe to enter my property after a fire?

We do not recommend it, since the risk of smoke inhalation, reignition of fire and structural collapse is very high.

Can the smell of smoke be removed?

If it’s possible. After removing all the soot from your walls, floors, hardware and other belongings of yours, our crew will deodorize your space to permanently remove the smell of smoke.


Water damage can come from many different sources, such as storms, overflowing tubs, washing machines, or faulty water heaters. Water damage and flooding in your home or building are stressful and worrisome, so calling in a professional company with experience and machinery to deal with floods and water damage is essential. It may seem that this is something you can do yourself, but to have your building or property adequately restored, you need the experience of the professionals.  CCR will begin the water removal immediately, which will prevent further damage. After the first step of removing the water with specialized vacuums, the drying process can begin, and our skilled technicians will repair whatever materials, belongings, and furniture they can. Cleaning and sanitizing are essential to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Having competent professionals doing this job is crucial in keeping your building safe and clean in the future. CCR is a flood restoration company that gives excellent professional service at an affordable price. Our friendly customer service team is here to help with any water disaster you may experience, and you can rely on us for the best technicians and cleaning methods in the local area. Call Cleaning Consultants & Water Damage Restoration Bartlett first!

Water Damage Restoration Process STEP BY STEP

Emergency Contact
When we receive your call, one of our specialists will go through some details with you to help us determine how we can help you as soon as possible with the most appropriate services to provide fast and efficient flood restoration. This is an important step to identify what we can expect to find.

Inspection and Water Damage Assessment
Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire property to determine the extent of the damage and all areas that are affected. This inspection will allow us to formulate a detailed plan of action to begin the process of water cleanup.

Water Removal / Water Extraction
With our powerful pumps and vacuums, we can remove hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water when we begin water removal. This process must begin as soon as possible to minimize structural damage and prevent mold growth.

Final Restoration
The final step in the process is the flood restoration that will bring your home or business back to its original condition seen prior to the water damage. The water restoration step may include minor repairs, like replacing some drywall panels, and there may be some major reconstruction to the property where whole rooms are completely rebuilt.

Cleaning and Sanitizing
Water damage does not just affect your property. Everything in the building, from furniture to clothing, and other personal items, may also be damaged. Our flood cleanup in includes help in cleaning any restorable belongings using some very specialized techniques. This type of water cleanup may also include our sanitization and antimicrobial treatments while also removing odors through the use of industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

Soot and Smoke Damage Restoration
Your home can easily and quickly be damaged by smoke. Smoke works amazingly fast and can in a matter of minutes discolor your walls. Given a few hours it can even discolor the finishes of your kitchen appliances. It does not end there, smoke can even tarnish metal, stain the etching of glass, and damage and corrode other materials in your house. There is no doubt that it is extremely important to take care of it with great haste.

Drying and Dehumidifying
Upon removing most of the visible floodwaters from the property, we turn to highly specialized equipment to begin working on what is harder to see and access. The remaining water removal in your property is extracted using unintrusive, scientific drying methods that will draw the moisture to every surface. This is handled with air movers and dehumidifiers.


CCR Water Damage Restoration Services

Hiring this company made the entire kitchen remodeling process go quickly and smoothly. I would recommend this company to anyone asking for a referral.

Professional company, everything was done right and in a timely manner. The staff kept us updated on the progress of the work.

A pipe burst in my bathroom, half the house was flooded. After a quick inspection, the company got to work. After they finished, the house looks like nothing happened. We are grateful to them for saving our home and possessions.

After the fire in my kitchen, the damage seemed immense. However, the company did an inspection and it turned out that many items and furniture were salvageable. The company performed the fire restoration quickly and efficiently.

Our home suffered from so much damage when a pipe blew in our basement. We didn’t know what to do, but these experts sure did with their thorough water cleanup.

Samantha Clevenger

Newyork City
After a pipe burst in our home, we ended up with so much water damage. After these professionals came in for flood cleanup, it’s like nothing happened. They have our gratitude for saving our home and belongings.

Tina Clarke

Newyork City
Half our home was devastated by fire and in fighting the blaze, we had plenty of water damage too. Thanks to this company’s fire and water cleanup, we have our home back to normal.

Steven Monroe

Newyork City
I cried when I found my home filled with water damage. But these experts with flood restoration in Bartlett put a smile on my face with their fast action and thorough service.  My home is now fully restored.

Anita Walters

Newyork City
Many of my belongings were lost to the water damage I had in my home. Thanks to the flood cleanup, my home was saved and so were many items I thought could never be recovered.

Charlene Sorvos

Newyork City
I was very impressed with the incredible services provided by these experts in water extraction. They save my home.

Ian Chabot

Newyork City