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CCR Water Damage Restoration Lake Park, IL Water damage restoration - Flood cleanup - Fire damage restoration - Mold Remediation

Floods are perhaps one of the most devastating moments that one can feel as a resident or business owner due to the issue of property damage and whether it can be fully recovered. Well worry no more, Cleaning Consultants & Restoration has arrived in Lake Park. We are one of the few water restoration companies with more than 20 years of experience in the flood cleanup business, so we are here to help you at any time of the day.
We owe this mainly to our experts and work team who not only specialize in water clean up efforts, but also in the issue of water damage restoration, which includes working in conjunction with insurance companies, companies of property management, associations, among others.
As a company that provides solutions to disaster issues, our team tries to act as quickly as possible to carry out the respective flood restoration procedures and thus help you return to normality. We also specialize in fire restoration, water damage ceiling restoration, mold remediation, and general construction. If you have an emergency situation and need help cleaning up the mess, don’t hesitate to contact our operators in Lake Park! We will make sure to return things to normal!

The entire water damage restoration process involves:

Damage Inspections
Removal of Contents and Cleaning
Stabilization of Property
Drying and Property Water Damage Restoration for Properties
Soot and Smoke Damage Restoration
Exhaustive Cleaning and Disinfection
Final Restoration

CCR Water Damage Restoration Services Lake Park
We guarantee:

The main causes of infiltration and water damage are the following:

Leaks in foundation
Failure of sump pump
Frozen pipes Flooding
Fire suppression
Leaks in roof
Ruptured pipes
Leaks in window wells
Toilet overflow
Refrigerator line ruptures
Storm damage
Water trapped inside walls and cabinetry
Frozen gutter downspouts


CCR Fire & Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration in Lake Park

Regardless of whether your water damage to your home or business is major or minimal, water restoration is an extremely delicate process that takes a long time. Our team and specialists have helped hundreds of home and business owners to recover their properties quickly and effectively regardless of the circumstances in which the floods occurred; whether due to floods, storms, sewage, broken pipes, etc. Therefore, the faster you contact our Lake Park experts, the easier it will be to restore your floors, folders, personal items, and any other hardware you may have to their original condition.

To carry out the flood removal of your property, we use the highest technology equipment and the latest industry standards to ensure that your spaces and belongings can dehumidify and dry as quickly as possible. We also take care of removing any trace of mold from your property. Aside from that, Cleaning Consultants & Restoration Lake Park is certified by the Indoor Air Quality Council (IAQC) to perform these tasks, so you can put your trust in us at the first sign of identifying any flooding problems.

Professional Services for Water Damage Restoration in Lake Park

If you have suffered from flood damage from floods, leaks, sewage overflow, etc., it is imperative that you request an emergency water removal. Here at Cleaning Consultants & Restoration Lake Park we take care of making it possible, as we have certified professionals who will take care of restoring your appliances and property to the first call. Our water mitigation services in Lake Park include the following:

  • Water extraction
  • Complete drying of infrastructure
  • Back-up sewer cleaning
  • Dehumidification
  • Mold removal and remediation
  • Complete cleaning of folders
  • Drying essential and non-essential documents
  • Restoration of electronic devices

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire restoration is a process that involves repairing damage caused by fire, smoke, and corrosive materials that retard fire in the affected area. We take care of removing any trace of fire and corrosion from surfaces and hardware, as well as any presence of soot and smoke odors

We Provide Expert Mold Remediation,
Mold Removal and Mold Abatement in Lake Park

The removal or remediation of mold is a process that consists of the affected space, whether in the house or office, and its damaged components are cleaned and sanitized by our restoration experts; this with the aim of reducing and eliminating mold. Apart from that, it also consists of removing water from the walls and floors and rebuilding them with mold resistant materials so that it does not return. This process is crucial to ensuring that your home or office once again has a safe and healthy environment.

Construction – Complete Final Restoration
After Damage Cleanup

Professional repair of your home or commercial space is the last step in the restoration process to bring it back to its original pre-flood condition. This includes the reconstruction of structural elements that have been damaged by water or fire, remodeling, painting and the installation of new walls, floors and carpets according to current industry standards. In this process, we will collaborate with the insurance company to which you are subscribed to receive 100% coverage for damages, thus avoiding any unnecessary separate expenses.

GALLERY - Water Damage in Residential and Commercial Properties


Our residential and commercial restoration services include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke damage restoration
  • Mold damage restoration
  • Complete cleaning services
  • Specialized property restoration services
  • General construction services

Home & Business Emergency Restoration
If you want a company that helps you effectively and safely restore your personal wealth, Cleaning Consultants & Restoration is your best bet. Our flood restoration specialists will take care of restoring your treasured items as new and will work closely with your insurance company or a third party to make sure the job goes smoothly.

Emergency and Disaster Services
If your property suffered water damage at any time of the day, it is important that you begin emergency clean-up work immediately. Therefore, get in touch with our operators, who will dispatch the work crew to take care of it in an efficient, fast and above all, professional way.

Over the years, we have helped multiple home and business owners in different areas of Chicago to recover their properties and belongings after devastating natural events such as floods and fires. If you are from Lake Park and need any of our services, get in touch through our phones or via the website.

We Work with Your Insurance for Fire and Water Damage Restoration

You will find it simpler for us to work with your insurance company at Round Lake Park, especially if you are suffering from damage caused by fire, wind or storm or water. We will make it easier for you and we will take care of it. You need quick, exact quotations and lots of information and advice before you can begin the process of restoring your water damage. Our staff is here for you, we work directly with insurance agents, adjusters and third party administrators.
We’ll make sure your home stays on top of their priority list and doesn’t fall behind on your insurance company waiting list. We understand that recovering after a disaster may be a difficult and stressful process, but you can depend on us to provide you with the flood cleaning you need so you can go back to enjoying your life. Our experience in working with insurance providers helps guarantee that you have the proper coverage for your house or company in Round Lake Park.
It might be a tough procedure for water removal and flood restoration, but that is why we are here for you. We can keep track of your whole water rehabilitation needs for your house or company in Round Lake Park. This involves the repair, following a catastrophe, like water flood or fire  damage on your property. Our experts are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , so call us if you require our services.  We realize that difficulties don’t wait for you! Come and work with the best team in town!

Why is performing water damage restoration in a timely manner so crucial?
No matter the kind of water damage your business or home has suffered, starting the clean-up process as quickly as possible is critical. As expert water damage restoration specialists in Round Lake Park, we and the entire industry know that the immediately following first 24 to 48 hours are important to the restoration process.
If any more time passes, there is an increase in the possibilities of mold and dangerous bacteria development. Additionally, if your property and its contents are able to be treated and dried right away, your property’s contents and  structural integrity may be more easily preserved. The more time that passes before hiring professionals for water restoration and flood cleanup in Round Lake Park, the more damage that will occur and the larger the amount of work and money required to restore your property. Our qualified technicians will take care of every aspect of your process of water damage restoration, which includes mold cleanup, water or fire damage removal, and the rebuilding of an entire damaged area in order to restore its previous style and function, or one that is improved. To simplify the process during this stressful moment, we can collaborate with your insurance carrier in order to obtain 100% coverage and let us rebuild your home entirely without breaking the bank. Reach out to our Round Lake Park flood repair team as efficiently and swiftly as you can so we can comprehend your case.

Frequently asked questions about water damage restoration

Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance refers me to?

Even if your insurance company offers you a water restoration company to carry out the respective errands on your property, you have the last word on whether or not to take it.

Is it safe to enter my property after a fire?

Due to the prevailing risk to the physical integrity of you and your occupants, we strictly do not recommend it.

Can the smell of smoke be removed?

It is possible to remove the smell of smoke by deodorizing your spaces, as well as your personal belongings. However, this is done after restoration work.


Storms, overflowing tubs, washing machines, and malfunctioning water heaters are all potential sources of water damage. Water damage and flooding in your house may be unpleasant and frightening, therefore hiring an experienced contractor with knowledge and equipment to deal with floods and water damage is critical. Storms, overflowing tubs, washing machines, and malfunctioning water heaters are all potential sources of water damage. Water damage and flooding in your house may be unpleasant and frightening, therefore hiring an experienced contractor with knowledge and equipment to deal with floods and water damage is critical.
Our qualified specialists will address every aspect of your damage restoration process, which includes cleaning mold, reconstruction, and the removal of water or fire damage in order to restore your property to its previous aesthetic and function, or possibly even improving it. To prevent further damage, they will begin removing the water immediately. Once the initial water draining phase has been completed with sophisticated vacuums, the drying process may be started. Our professionals will do their best to restore as many furnishings, possessions and materials as possible. Cleaning and sanitizing must be performed to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. Hiring experienced specialists is crucial in order to take care of this task and to ensure your business continues to run as smoothly as possible. Contracting qualified professionals is the best way to make sure your property will be clean and safe in the future. Contact our flood repair specialists from Round Lake Park to evaluate your issue as fast as possible. You can depend on us to deliver the greatest professionals and cleaning solutions in the city!

Follow our easy water restoration process

First step is to call us in case of emergency
When calling us in case of water damage on your Round Lake Park property, one of our contractors will take care of the respective repairs to see if, depending on the damage found, it is feasible to carry out a water damage restoration procedure as quickly as possible.

Inspection and Evaluation of your water flood damage
In order to establish a good flood cleanup action plan, the Cleaning Consultants & Restoration contractor will conduct a thorough inspection of the property and determine the extent of the damage sustained.

Property water extraction
As part of our cleaning process, we will bring pumps and vacuums to your property to perform water extraction, this in order to reduce structural damage in the shortest possible time and prevent the formation of mold on the walls and floors.

The Dehumidifying and drying process
After removing most of the standing water that was on your property after the floods, we will proceed to carry out a more complex flood restoration procedure that requires air movers and dehumidifiers to avoid the risk of mold formation.

Sanitizing and cleaning
Flood damage not only causes significant damage to the infrastructure of your residential or commercial spaces only, but also to your personal assets such as furniture, garments, and family heritage artifacts. For this, Cleaning Consultants & Restoration’s water restoration procedure has a special treatment for its most precious objects, which consists of sanitizing and removing microbes and odors through the use of industrial air scrubbers and fogger systems.

The final step of our flood cleanup program is the complete restoration of the affected spaces of your residential or commercial property back to their pre-disaster condition. This stage may require slight modifications to your property, such as replacement of drywall panels and ceilings; or deeper reconstructions in case the affected rooms have been fully restored.


CCR Water Damage Restoration Services

Their crew arrived as quickly as possible, assessed the damage, and had a team remove the wet portions the next day. They were really careful in locating any wet places in order to prevent more damage. I felt like I was working with pros!
It's a nightmare to have mold and water damage at home. But their exceptional customer service to me was incredibly detailed and diligent. We certainly would recommend them. Many thanks to their whole team.
They double-checked that I understood the problem and how to solve it. They recognized how stressful it was for me to have water damage in my home, and that all I wanted was a secure environment for my family.
I phoned them the day after my bathroom flooded our utility room after a buddy suggested them. Their crew arrived on time, and the whole process with the insurance was very smooth!
I hope I never have to deal with water damage again, but if I do, there's no one else I'd contact. I've saved their phone number to my phone. Thank you very much for doing such an amazing job.
They are a fantastic company that gives excellent service on time. Staff are extremely professional, they understand what they're doing, and perform a great job.

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