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The Importance of Mold Remediation and Removal

Any presence of mold is both visually undesirable and also poses a general health risk. No one in the world likes mold.  Although mold often affects those with spring or summertime allergies, it also affects many people without any allergies at all.  If left untreated, mold will grow exponentially and can cause damage to those with weakened immune systems.  If you seek assistance for removing mold from your property, a professional mold removal company can be of significant assistance. Cleaning Consultants & Restoration has vast experience in the mold treatment industry and we are happy to share our knowledge and advice.  Keep reading and find out more about the dangers of leaving mold untreated in order to fully understand the importance of mold removal.


Humans are exposed to mold on a daily basis.  Although we often see it, we may also inhale it regularly. Mold is a fungus that is most often a green or black color.  Mold begins in minimal amounts but if left untreated, it proliferates quickly.  Mold can grow in nearly any area of your home, from carpets to furniture to floors to walls.  You should always be on the lookout for water damage as it is a prime trigger for mold growth.

Mold is both an irritant and irritating. Some symptoms caused by mold in your home include stuffy noses, excessive rubbing of eyes, and, as previously mentioned, mold greatly affects people with allergy issues.  Homes are meant for relaxation and comfort, they are not meant for mold.  It is nearly impossible to avoid mold growing in your home at some point in time.  Vigilance is your best defense.  Never assume mold will go away on its own, do not ignore it.  It is essential to eliminate any mold issue and our professionals will gladly assist you in the process when it is too much for DIY.

Remediation Process
Mold remediation is the step prior to the mold removal process or the water damage restoration. Mold remediation is crucial because it is difficult and at times impossible to remove all mold.  Here at CCR, we are actual industry experts in the process of mold remediation.  Our expert team begins with an inspection of the area that is infested with mold in order to develop a strategy.  Once our team has assessed your mold situation, we will put our strategy into action and halt the mold spreading process in your building as soon as possible.  Communications are an important factor and we will be sure to inform you of each step in the process.  Helping others who are having mold problems is our pleasure so feel free to contact us at any moment you think you may need mold remediation services.