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Water damage could be a property owner’s worst nightmare, and unfortunately it is a common occurrence, being caused by everything from water and snow build up, unnoticed leaks, leaking pipes, or natural disasters and accidents. Water damage can be tough to spot at first, which is why you should always hire a professional to inspect for water damage before buying or renting a new home, and if you experience water infiltration it is important to look for a company that does professional water damage restoration Bartlett homeowners and tenants can rely on.
It is also important that you know signs of water damage to keep an eye out for. Here are the key signs of water damage put together by our team at Cleaning Consultants & Restoration:

Water Lines on the Wall
Water lines on your wall is a clear sign of the water damage Bartlett residents dread so much.  If you see lines from water it is clear that there is some kind of leakage. There are two types of water lines to watch for. First, the most common are water lines coming from parts of the house that likely indicate leaky plumbing. Furthermore, if there is a wet spot near the water line, it’s a sure sign you’ll need some level of water restoration Lake Forest. Second, keep an eye out for water lines running from inside the house to out, which also indicates some kind of leaking, maybe related to your dryer not working correctly.

Fading Paint
Fading paint can be a sign of water damage, being caused from the wood drying out after experiencing lots of contact with water. Be a bit cautious with this one because there could be other causes of fading paint. Your best bet is to call in your water clean up professionals to rule out or get to the bottom of the water damage. And if it is due to water damage, don’t worry about that sad faded paint, Our team is skilled in the water restoration Bartlett can rely on to get their home back in tip-top shape.

Mold and Mildew
Mold and mildew are a sure sign that you need water removal and restoration ASAP. It is pretty easy to spot, but make sure you routinely check for it in dark humid corners of your home. Mold is dangerous to your health, so when you see, or think you smell, mold, or even just have damp corners where you think mold could grow, call us in for expert water restoration and water extraction Bartlett.

The Bottom Line
Sometimes despite our best efforts, water damage can happen anywhere at any time. It is important to keep an eye out for the signs of water damage so the problem doesn’t get out of hand. As well, as soon as you experience any kind of water infiltration, minor or major, call in your local experts in water removal and flood restoration Bartlett to make sure your home’s structural integrity is safe, and to get your home looking great again.

If you suspect water damage, call in our professionals at Cleaning Consultants & Restoration. Our expert contractors handle all things flood removal, water damage and water clean up Bartlett. We will be happy to answer any of your questions, get in touch today!

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