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Rain and snow melting are a few things that can cause flooding on impermeable surfaces such as roofs and sidewalks, that results in these rare occasions happening where water flows into your basements or crawl spaces. There are multiple ways water can creep into your home. A few of those ways include foundation walls, spaces in utility lines, and leaky windows and doors. If you fail to take preventative measures to stop these events from happening you are putting your home in harm’s way for potential damages that can lead to long term effects down the line. Below are a few different types of flooding events that can occur in your home:

  • Sewer Flooding

Basement flooding can turn out to be disastrous for your home. Water can penetrate your structure and make its way into your basement when sewer lines get clogged or the draining is not working properly. Make sure you check on potential damages such as rotted wood and mold. Keep in mind sewer flooding more often occurs in classic homes that feature broken septic tanks or don’t have a septic tank at all. If you get a water restoration Lake Forest expert to check on your system regularly you can prevent these dangerous problems from occurring.

  • Rainwater Damage

Areas that are prone to heavy rainfall are susceptible to rainwater getting into your wall’s foundations which can cause issues such as mold, mildew, decay and structural injury to your residence. Gutters that fill up with water and overflow or bad downspouts are almost always to blame for these problems. To mitigate the damage, hire a professional water restoration contractor and get your home inspected as often as possible and clean your gutters on a regular basis.

  • Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is generally caused by water creeping into an area that has not been waterproofed or drained correctly. This can come from a gap in the structure of a wall or roof, a problematic window or a dysfunctional sump pump. The other route that water can take to reach your basement is through your toilet tank and pipes. Basement flooding can cause a serious problem for you and your family as it is a problem that is not easy to solve. This can destroy not only your basement but also the items that were placed inside. All of these factors can also cause potential damage to other areas of your home as well. Basement flooding often results in costly repairs that can make it almost impossible to fix.

  • Water Intrusion

Damaged sump pumps or drain pipes that are filled with debris are also a variable that can cause water to get inside. If your basement is overflowing with items or your drainage system is not installed correctly basement flooding can occur. Water damage can also be brought about by heavy building rainfalls.

Flooding can cause terrible negative effects on your home which are exacerbated by the way your foundation is set up. This problem is one we have figured out in the past as one that is usually handled by the agent. Call us today to get more information on how we can solve your flooding issues from now and going forward.

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